Scientific Programme

12:15-13:00Chair’s Welcome: Prof. Dr. Yusuf ZEREN (click to enter the meeting)
13:00-13:40Prof. Dr. Sun-Sig-BYUNRegularity of solutions of degenerate/singular fully nonlinear elliptic equations
Chair: Prof. Dr. Yusuf ZERENZoom Host:Kübra İler
13:40-14:00Coffee Break (click to enter the meeting)
14:00-14:40Prof. Dr. Bilal BİLALOV (click to enter the meeting)On Strong Solvability in the small of m-th order Elliptic Equations in weighted grand-Sobolev Spaces
Chair: Prof. Dr. Yusuf ZERENZoom Host:Mehmet Efe
14:40-15:00Coffee Break (click to enter the meeting)
Part 1 - Parallel Sessions 1 (click to enter the meeting)Chair:Dr. Tuğçe ÜNVER YILDIZZoom Host:Recep Bengi
15:00-15:15Melih ÇINARArtificial neural networks for solving ordinary and partial differential equations
15:15-15:30Khayala GASIMOVAOn solvability of a non-uniformly elliptic equation with Radon measure
15:30-15:45Snezhana HRİSTOVAImpulses in Generalized Proportional Caputo fractional differential Equations
15:45-16:00Emmanuel NTENDAVariational Principle for the Jaulent-Miodek Evolution Equation
16:00-16:15Dilara ALTAN KOÇA Finite Difference Method to Solve the Linear Lane-Emden Equations
16:15-16:30Dilara ALTAN KOÇA Numerical Method for Fractional Fredholm Integro Differential Equation
Part 1 - Parallel Sessions 2 (click to enter the meeting)Chair:Doç.Dr. Murat KİRİŞÇİZoom Host:Burcu Altuntaş
15:00-15:15Lütfi AKINA Generalization of the New Dynamic Inequalities on Time Scales
15:15-15:30Nigar ASLANOVAOn Extensions with Continuous Spectrum and with Resolvent from σ_p for Fourth Order Differential Operators
15:30-15:45Nigar ASLANOVAOn new method for regularized traces of differential operators
15:45-16:00Milica JOVALEKİCOn the diameter of planar Brownian motion
16:00-16:15Eldar MAMMADOVCompleteness of a system of eigen-elements of two-parameter problems
16:15-16:30Boban KARAPETROVİCOn the Korenblum maximum principle
Part 1 - Parallel Sessions 3 (click to enter the meeting)Chair:Doç. Dr.Tuncar ŞahanZoom Host:Kübra İler
15:00-15:15Hasan Hüseyin ÖKTENAmply s-Supplemented Modules
15:15-15:30Hasan Hüseyin ÖKTENCofinitely s-Supplemented Modules
15:30-15:45Şeyda KILIÇOĞLUOn the sine curve as the 5th and 7th order Bézier curve in E²
15:45-16:00Esra ÖZTÜRK SÖZENOn ss-Lifting Modules In View of Singularity
16:00-16:15Necati Can AÇIKGÖZOn Relatively Selection Principles in Bitopological Spaces
Part 1 - Parallel Sessions 4 (click to enter the meeting)Chair:Doç. Dr.Fuat USTAZoom Host:Cemil Karaçam
15:00-15:15Betule ALIZADEPseudosymmetric Spaces as Generalization of Symmetric Spaces
15:15-15:30Nawel ABDESSELAMBlow up to Alogarithmic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Delay Term
15:30-15:45Halil ANAÇThe New Solutions of Fractional Zakharov-Kuznetsov Equations
15:45-16:00Samet YILMAZTraffic Sign Recognition via Convolutional Neural Network Optimization and Control
16:00-16:15Mohd Shanawaz MANSOORİExtension of Phillips type q-Bernstein Operators on Triangle with one Curved side
16:15-16:30Eda AKINRate of Convergence of a Faster Iteration
16:30-17:00Coffee Break (click to enter the meeting)
17:00-17:40Prof. Dr. David CRUZ-URIBE (click to enter the meeting)Bounded weak Solutions to Elliptic PDE with Data in Orlicz spaces
Chair: Dr. Fatih ŞİRİNZoom Host:Recep Bengi
17:40-18:00 (click to enter the meeting)Coffee Break
Part 2 - Parallel Sessions 1 (click to enter the meeting)Chair:Prof. Dr. David CRUZ-URIBEZoom Host:Fatih Şirin
18:00-18:15Faruk ÖZGERStatistical Convergence and Certain Approximation Results
18:15-18:30Faruk ÖZGERBlending type Bernstein Operators
18:30-18:45Zineb ARABWellposedness and regularity of stochastic space-time fractional integro-differential equation
18:45-19:00Tuğçe Ünver YıldızDiscrete and Continuous Inequalities for Kernel Operators Involving Suprema
19:00-19:15Mohammad ILIYASApproximation of Lebesgue integrable functions by Bernstein-Lototsky-Kantorovich operators
19:15-19:30Mohammad Prawesh ALAMA numerical method for solving a mathematical model deriving from a model of neural variability
Part 2 - Parallel Sessions 2 (click to enter the meeting)Chair:Doç. Dr. Canay AYKOL KOCAKUŞAKLIZoom Host:Gizem Nur Göz
18:00-18:15Noureddine BOUTERAASome results for ageneralized class of differential equation with initial data
18:15-18:30Nazlı BASKANTwo Applications of the Duhamel Product
18:30-18:45Erkan AGYÜZA Study on A Kantorovich Type Operator Involving Adjoint-Euler Polynomials
18:45-19:00Mohd ARIFLupa¸s type Bernstein operators on the square with two sides curved based on quantum analogue
19:00-19:15Aydin SHUKUROVOn the completeness and minimality of exponential systems with degenerate coefficients
19:15-19:30Mohd Iqbal BHATSolvability of a Class of Set valued Implicit Quasi-Variational Inequalities: A Wiener-Hopf Equation Approach
Part 2 - Parallel Sessions 3 (click to enter the meeting)Chair:Dr. Hülya ÖZTÜRKZoom Host:Burcu Altuntaş
18:00-18:15Seyyed Ali MOHAMMADİYEHOn Finite w-Cyclic Groups
18:15-18:30G. MUHIUDDINGeneralized fuzzy set theory applied to the Algebraic Structures
18:30-18:45Ferit YALAZA New Separation Axiom in Ideal Topological Spaces
18:45-19:00Mohammad Younus BHATWigner-Ville Distribution and Ambugity Function Associated with the Quaternion Offset Linear Canonical Transform
19:00-19:15Syed Ahmad Aidil Adha SAİD MAD ZAİNConstruction of Generalized Fractional Bézier Curve with Shape Parameters
Part 2 - Parallel Sessions 4 (click to enter the meeting)Chair:Dr. Mustafa Gezek Zoom Host:Cemil Karaçam
18:00-18:15Arif ISMAILOVInverse boundary value problem for pseudo parabolic equation with nonlocal time integral condition of the second kind
18:15-18:30Murat KİRİŞÇİKernel Principal Component Analysis in interval-valued Fermatean Environment and hip Prosthesis Material Selection
18:30-18:45Murat KİRİŞÇİFermatean Fuzzy Entropy Measure
18:45-19:00Elif DEMİRCİA New Mathematical Model for COVID-19 Pandemic
19:00-19:15Ulviye DEMİRBİLEKOn the Spectral Analysis of a Boundary Value Problem with a Spectral Parameter in Boundary Conditions
19:15-19:30Djemoui SEBTİA Modified Regularization Method For An Inverse Source Problem
14:00-14:40Prof. Dr. Amiran GOGATISHVILIWeighted inequalities containing two integral operators
Chair:Dr. Tuğçe ÜNVERZoom Host:Mehmet Efe
14:40-15:00Coffee Break
Part 3 - Parallel Sessions 1Chair:Prof.Dr. Ayhan ŞERBETÇİZoom Host:Elif Deniz
15:00-15:15Vesna VELİCKOVİCSpheres in the Generalized Hahn Space
15:15-15:30Monire Mikaeili NİAStrong and weak type estimate for Littlewood-Paley operators associated with Laplace-Bessel differential
15:30-15:45Esra KAYAA Note on the B-fractional Maximal Operator in Variable Lebesgue Spaces
15:45-16:00Jyoti YADAVStudy on a motion of immiscible fluids with some inclination effect in the porous medium
16:00-16:15Talib HUSSAINHermite Hadamard Mercer Like Inequalities Through Generalized Fractional Integrals
Part 3 - Parallel Sessions 2Chair:Prof. Dr. Mansur İSGENDEROĞLUZoom Host:Burcu Altıntaş
15:00-15:15Merve Gürbüz ÇALDAĞMHD Flow in a Constricted Lid-driven Cavity
15:30-15:45Duygum Asya BAHÇEKAPILISpectral Deferred Correction Time Integration Methods
15:45-16:00Fatma SOYTÜRKA Comparative Study on Optimal Control of Computer Virus Spread
16:00-16:15Esra GÜLDOĞAN LEKESİZOn Three-Variable Orthogonal Polynomials
Part 3 - Parallel Sessions 3Chair:Doç.Dr. Murat KİRİŞÇİZoom Host:Kader Şimşir Acar
15:00-15:15Serkan ONARNeutrosophic Soft Hyperalgebras
15:15-15:30Ayşe YAVUZ TAŞÇISome Properties of the Z-Symmetric Manifold Admitting Conharmonic Curvature Tensor
15:30-15:45Ali SHUUR Energy of Multi-Monad Graphs
15:45-16:00Gözde Yaylalı UMULSome Results on Soft Adjuntion
16:00-16:15Tunçar ŞAHANInternal Categories within the Category of Cat1-Groups
16:15-16:30Tunçar ŞAHANCat1-Group-Groupoids and Double Group-Groupoids
Part 3 - Parallel Sessions 4Chair:Doç. Dr.Fuat USTA
15:00-15:15Boukehila AHCENEExistence of solutions of boundary value problems for fractional differential equations with integral conditions
15:15-15:30Md NASİRUZZAMANApproximation by Phillips operators via q-Dunkl generalization based on a new parameter
15:30-15:45Abdulhamit KÜÇÜKASLANDefinition of (X,Y;Φ,r,s)-admissible quasilinear operators on the generalized Morrey-type spaces modelled on Banach
15:45-16:00Telman GASYMOVOn Uniform Convergence of Eigenfunction Expansions for a Spectral Problem
16:00-16:15Telman GASYMOVOn the Distribution of the Eigenvalues Discontinuous Sturm-Liouville Operators with Indefinite Weight Functions
16:30-17:00Coffee Break
17:00-17:40Prof. Dr. Tuncay AKTOSUNDirect and inverse scattering problems for the half-line matrix Schr\"odinger operator
Chair: Selim YavuzZoom Host:Recep Bengi
17:40-18:00Coffee Break
Part 4 - Parallel Sessions 1Chair:Doç. Dr. Tuncar ŞAHANZoom Host:Yunus Can Göktaş
18:00-18:15Habib DJOURDEMBoundary Value Problem for Hybrid Hadamard Fractional Differential Inclusions
18:15-18:30Ebru DuralNonlinear Behavior of Laminated Glass Plates with Hinged-Free Boundary Conditions
18:30-18:45Ayşe FİDANNonexistence of solutions for the quasilinear wave equation with variable coefficients
18:45-19:00Shobh Nath RAIWeakly nonlinear analysis of combined Effect of g-jitter and thermal difference on a Rivlin-Ericksen Nanofluid in Hele-Shaw Cell
19:00-19:15Melih ÇINARAnalytical solutions of sixth-order differential equation with arbitrary refractive index
Part 4 - Parallel Sessions 2Chair:Doç. Dr. Faruk ÖZGERZoom Host:Gizem Nur Göz
18:00-18:15Ihab AHMEDOn Recurrence Relations for Moments of Generalized Order Statistics
18:15-18:30Rahim RZAEVApproximation of functions by singular integrals in terms of higher order mean oscillation
18:30-18:45Begüm DOMAÇEvaluation of the Airport Service Quality Using Dominance-based Rough Set Approach
18:45-19:00Şehla EMİNOĞLUOn non-Arcimedean Fuzzy Vector Metric Spaces
19:00-19:15Dariusz WARDOWSKİAttractors of iterated function systems of orbital type
19:15-19:30Zeynep INCEA Note on the Order of Convergence of Kantorovich Type Operators Including Apostol-Genocchi Polynomials Approximation Theory
Part 4 - Parallel Sessions 3Chair:Doç. Dr. Yunus ATALANZoom Host:Kübra Aksoy
18:00-18:15Efruz MERSİNHyper-Leonardo Numbers
18:15-18:30Efruz MERSİNHyper-Fibonacci and Hyper-Lucas Polynomials
18:30-18:45Gülsüm Yeliz ŞENTÜRKA Brief Study on Dual-Generalized Complex Leonardo Numbers
18:45-19:00Esma DEMİR ÇETİNOn the Singularity of Developable Surfaces in Galilean 3-space Geometry
19:00-19:15Samia BIBIShape Adjustable GHT-Bézier Developable Surfaces and their Applications
19:15-19:30Shahin AGHAZADEBasics of Geometry Problems in Grades 10-11 in Schools
Part 4 - Parallel Sessions 4Chair:Prof.Dr. Tuncay AKTOSUNZoom Host:Burcu Altıntaş
18:00-18:15Elif TARIMFinding the Formula for How Many Topological Equivalence Classes Are the Graphs Representing All Traceless nxn
18:15-18:30Elif TARIMFinding Spectral Spread and Spectral Radius of a Hermitian Operator and of its Graph
18:30-18:45Aslıhan GÜRZero Forcing Number of Some Special Simple and Undirected Graphs
18:45-19:00Ilham HASSİOn Detour Index of Some Corona of Graphs
19:00-19:15Khayala GADİROVAEstimation of vegetation of different relief areas on the basis of spectral images
19:15-19:30Nazira MAMMADZADAOn velocity profile of a two-phase mixture flow over the vertical tube
GMT+03:00 13 MAY FRIDAY  
14:00-14:40Prof. Dr. Yoshihiro SAWANOMorrey spaces
Chair: Cemil KARAÇAMZoom Host:Kübra İler
14:40-15:00Coffee Break
Part 5 - Parallel Sessions 1Chair: Dr. Hülya ÖZTÜRKZoom Host:Mehmet Efe
15:00-15:15Figen ERYILMAZModules That Have a Locally Artinian Supplement in Every (Coataomic) Extension
15:15-15:30Federico INFUSİNOOn Extensible Subdomains
15:30-15:45Gül TUĞA study on the lightlike surfaces and pseudo angles
15:45-16:00Recep TUTUCUTri-Fi Encode
16:00-16:15Ahmet Cagdas GİRİTIntersection of a plane with n identical pyramids and calculation of volumes
16:15-16:30Ghulam MohammadStudy of constacyclic codes with their applications
Part 5 - Parallel Sessions 2Chair: Asst. Prof. Şuayip TOPRAKSEVENZoom Host:Elif Deniz
15:00-15:15Khadijeh NEDAİASLVariational formulation for a class of nonlinear fractional differential equations
15:15-15:30Narmin AMANOVAFirst boundary value problem for second order elliptic equations with discontinuous coefficients
15:30-15:45Beyza Nur ARSLANTÜRKAn Improved Adaptive Fuzzy PID Controller based on Peak Observer for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
15:45-16:00Ahmet KARA Adaptive PID Controller based on EKF for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
16:00-16:15Gönül SABAHDiagnosis of the Parkinson Disease by Using SVM Based on KQML
16:15-16:30Aysenur TERTOPDifferential Equations and Some Applications in Biomathematics
Part 5 - Parallel Sessions 3Chair:Doç. Dr. Faruk ÖZGERZoom Host:Kader Şimşir Acar
15:00-15:15Aynur ÇÖLInverse Spectral Problem for Sturm-Liouville Operator with Higher Order Polynomials of Spectral Parameter in the Boundary
15:15-15:30Abdullah SALAMİNonexistence Results for the p-Laplace Equations Related with the Greiner Operator
15:30-15:45Şeyma YALVAÇLacunary Invariant Convergence in Fuzzy Normed Spaces
15:45-16:00Ekrem ALIMIWeighted (N,p,q)(E,1) λ-statistical convergence relating with statistical summability of sequences of fuzzy numbers
16:00-16:15Bipan HAZARIKAHenstock-Orlicz space and its importance
16:15-16:30Dušica BRALOVİCNorm of the Hilbert matrix operator on negatively indexed weighted Bergman spaces
Part 5 - Parallel Sessions 4Chair:Doç. Dr.Fuat USTAZoom Host:Recep Bengi
15:15-15:30Abdeldjalil CHATTOUHError estimates on Galerkin spectral method for two-dimensional elliptic equation with nonlocal boundary conditions
15:30-15:45Nimet COŞKUNHyperbolic Eigenparameter Dependent Non-Selfadjoint Discrete Sturm-Liouville Equations with a General Boundary Condition
15:45-16:00Uzair AHMEDA Legendre Wavelet Collocation Method for Solving Neutral Delay Differential Equations
16:00-16:15Eren TOSYALIThe Dynamic of Generalized Gursey Model
16:15-16:30Eren TOSYALIA Stduy On The Fermi Model
16:30-17:00Coffee Break
17:00-17:40Prof. Dr. Mohammad MURSALEENMeasures of non-compactness with certain applications
Chair: Doç. Dr. Faik GÜRSOYZoom Host:Recep Bengi
17:40-18:00Coffee Break
Part 6 - Parallel Sessions 1Chair:Prof.Dr.Erhan PİŞKİNZoom Host:Yunus Can Göktaş
18:00-18:15Samed ALİYEVThe investigation of multidimensional mixed problem for one class of third order semilinear psevdohyperbolic equations
18:15-18:30Ahmet Uğur UTKUNonlinear Parabolic Equations on Greiner Vector Fields Related to some Integral Inequalities
18:30-18:45Auwalu Hamisu USMANStudy of homogeneous–heterogeneous reactions in Sutterby Nanofluid flow past a linearly stretching sheet with Soret and Dufour effects
18:45-19:00Vafa MAMEDOVAOn some gradient estimate for non-uniformly elliptic equations
19:00-19:15Farman MAMEDOVOn the local properties of degenerate parabolic equations
19:15-19:30BOUDJEDOUR ALLAOUAA numerical study of antiplane frictional contact problems
19:30-19:45Chahla LATROUSOn a Class of Semiinear Parablic Secod order Equation with nonlocal Boundary Condition
Part 6 - Parallel Sessions 2Chair:Doç.Dr. Murat KİRİŞÇİZoom Host:Mehmet Efe
18:00-18:15Enes ATAM-Extension of Srivastava's Triple Hypergeometric Functions and Their Integral Representations
18:15-18:30Başak GEVEROn Calculation of Lundberg Coefficient of Nonlinear Risk Model with Gamma Claims
18:30-18:45N. Rosa Ait-AMRANEOn Bivariate r-Fibonacci Hybrinomials
18:45-19:00Göksu ŞENTÜRKDevelopment and Analysis of a Matematical Model for Scheduling Jobs
in Outoclaves Ovens for Composite Part Production
19:00-19:15Sevgi ESEN ALMALIOn higder order approximation of the linear integral operator to multiple differentiable functions
19:15-19:30Mohammed K. A. KaabarOn Abu-Shady–Kaabar Fractional Derivative with Applications
Part 6 - Parallel Sessions 3Chair:Dr.Samet MALDARZoom Host:Kübra Aksoy
18:00-18:15Barış AKDAŞUsing Big Data in Decision Making Processes and Mathematical Modelling
18:15-18:30İlayda KAPLANOn 1-Absorbing Fuzzy Ideals of Commutative Semirings
18:30-18:45Mumtaz RİYASATGeneralized 2D extension of the q-Bessel polynomials
18:45-19:00Zehra İŞBİLİRGeneralized Fifth Order Pell Hybrid Numbers
19:00-19:15Rabia AYANOn 2-Absorbing Fuzzy Ideals of Commutative Semirings
19:15-19:30Hasan Hüseyin ÖKTENAmply s-Supplemented Modules
19:30-19:45Hasan Hüseyin ÖKTENCofinitely s-Supplemented Modules
Part 6 - Parallel Sessions 4Chair:Dr. Mustafa GEZEKZoom Host:Elif Deniz
18:00-18:15Benheniche ABDELHAKState Estimation of Induction Motor: Lyapunov, Circle Criterion and LMI Approaches 
18:15-18:30Melek ERİŞ BÜYÜKKAYASome further properties of predictors in correctly-reduced linear models
18:30-18:45Abdon E. Choque-RİVEROOn the resolvent matrix of the truncated Hausdorff matrix moment problem
18:45-19:00Orçun YÜCELGeneralized Berezin Number Inequalities
19:00-19:15Hamdullah BAŞARANSome Upper Bounds of A-Berezin Number Inequalities
19:15-19:30Xhevat KRASNIQIOn the Degree of Approximation of Continuous Functions by a Linear Transformation of Their Fourier Series
14:00-14:40Prof. Dr. Farman MAMEDOVOn Local Properties of weak Solutions of degenerate Parabolic Equations
Chair:Dr.Tuğçe ÜNVER YILDIZZoom Host:Mehmet Efe
14:40-15:00Coffee Break
Part 7 - Parallel Sessions 1Chair:Doç.Dr. Murat KİRİŞÇİZoom Host:Kübra Aksoy
15:00-15:15Şuayip TOPRAKSEVENThe existence of positive solutions for the Caputo-Fabrizio fractional boundary value problems at resonance
15:15-15:30Şuayip TOPRAKSEVENPositive solutions for a singular delay
15:30-15:45Harish NAGARBenefit of wavelets and curvelet on various applications
15:45-16:00Yusuf Niyazi YILDIRIMOptimization Techniques in Machine Learning
16:00-16:15Dilara YAPIŞKANAn optimal control strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19
16:15-16:30Maroua NOUAROptimization method for determining coefficient of first-order in time-fractional parabolic equation
16:30-16:45Anar QAFAROVTechnique of teaching of computer networks with application of program Cisco Packet Tracer
Part 7 - Parallel Sessions 2Chair:Dr. Fatih ŞİRİNZoom Host:Şeyma Çetin
15:00-15:15Fatiha NAJMA New Epidemic Model with Direct and Indirect Transmission with Two Delays Analysis and its Applications
15:15-15:30Sabina SADIGOVAThe Concept of a Trace and the Boundedness of the Trace Operator in Banach-Sobolev Function Spaces
15:30-15:45Bilal BILALOVOn Solvability in the Small and Schauder-type Estimates for Higher Order Elliptic Equations in grand Sobolev Spaces
15:45-16:00Bilal BILALOVSolution in the Small and Interior Schauder-type Estimate for the m-th Order Elliptic Operator in Morrey Sobolev Spaces
16:00-16:15Lyoubomira SOFTOVASolvability in the Small and Interior Schauder type Estimates for m-th elliptic equations in weighted Banach function Spaces
Part 7 - Parallel Sessions 3Chair: Gülşen ULUCAK
15:00-15:15Migdad ISMAILOVOn Defect Properties of a Perturbed Exponential System in grand Lebesgue Spaces
15:15-15:30Migdad ISMAILOVOn Bessel Families and Uncountable-Frames in non-separable Hilbert Spaces
15:30-15:45Valid SALMANOVOn the Frameness of System of Exponent with Linear Phase in W 12 (−π , π )1
15:45-16:00Valid SALMANOVBasicity of the system of sines with linear Phases in grand-Sobolev Spaces
16:00-16:15Vusal OSMANOVConverting the boundary value problem to an integral equation for a half-ordered inteqro-differential equation
16:15-16:30Vusal OSMANOVElimination of the Voltaire term in the Voltaire and Fredholm type integral equation
16:30-16:45Nawel ABDESSELAMBlow up to Alogarithmic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Delay Term
Part 7 - Parallel Sessions 4Chair:Doç. Dr. Faruk ÖZGERZoom Host:Recep Bengi
15:00-15:15Naim BRAHAA new weighted Statistical Convergence and some Associated Approximation Theorems
15:15-15:30Hafize GÜMÜŞλ-Statistical Convergence in G-metric Spaces
15:30-15:45Aygun ABDULLAYEVAOn -strong Cesaro summability at infinity
15:45-16:00Reza Roohi-SERAJİOn The Reflexivity of The Space of Variable Integrability and Summability
16:00-16:15Mehmet Öner ŞAKAROn Absolute Matrix Summability Involving (Φ,δ)
16:15-16:30Sevcan DEMİRKALEEffects of Non-negative Matrix in the Summability of Spliced Sequences
16:30-17:00Coffee Break
17:00-17:40Prof. Dr. Lyoubomira SOFTOVAProf Softova stated that she regrettably could not attend due to a special situation.
Chair: Prof. Dr.Farman MAMEDOVZoom Host:Recep Bengi
17:40-18:00Coffee Break
Part 8 - Parallel Sessions 1Chair:Doç. Dr. Faruk ÖZGERZoom Host:Gülşen Ulucak
18:00-18:15Danilo COSTARELLIApproximation properties of the sampling Kantorovich operators: regularization, saturation, inverse results and Favard classes in Lp-spaces
18:15-18:30Sergey BORISENOKControl over the performance of quantum neuromorphic computing with reservoir computing
18:45-19:00Asia SHEHZADİProperties of Extended Gegenbauer Polynomials in Matrix Form
19:00-19:15Mohammad Ayman MURSALEENBernstein-Stancu-Kantorovich Operators with Shifted Knots via q-calculus
19:15-19:30Vinita SHARMAShape preserving properties of (p, q) Bernstein Bezier curves and corresponding results over [a, b].
Part 8 - Parallel Sessions 2Chair:Dr. Abdülhamit KÜÇÜKASLANZoom Host:Yunus Can Göktaş
18:00-18:15Chan TAI CHONGOn Finite Rings with a Certain Number of Centralizers
18:15-18:30Elif TUYSUZBi-Periodic Fibonacci Matrix Sequence
18:30-18:45Roghayeh HAFEZIEHOn Vanishing Class Sizes of Finite Groups
18:45-19:00Esma DEMIR CETINMotions and Surfaces in Non-Euclidean Spaces
19:00-19:15Manel ZERMANİSome Properties of Convolved of Generalized (p,q)-Numbers
19:15-19:30Fatih ŞİRİNOn basicity of the system of eigenfunctions of a spectral problem in weighted Morrey space
Part 8 - Parallel Sessions 3Chair:Dr.Tuğçe ÜNVER YILDIZZoom Host:Recep Bengi
18:00-18:15Karima LAOUBILong-Term Decay of Hyperbolic Problem Subject to Kinetic Boundary Conditions
18:15-18:30Sertaç ERMANComparison of Finite Difference Method and Residual Power Series Method for Time Fractional Diffusion Problems
18:30-18:45Araz FARAJOVOn one nonlocal boundary problem for sixth order Boussinesq equation
18:45-19:00Sultan ERDURSome Qualitative Results for Solutions of Differential Equations of Fourth Order with Multiple Delays
19:00-19:15Brahim MEZERDIOn some Recent Resulats in Optimal Control of McKean-Vlasov Stochastic Differential Equations
19:15-19:30İbrahim DEMİRNovel decision-making method for FermateanFuzzy Soft Sets
Part 8 - Parallel Sessions 4Chair:Doç. Dr.Yunus ATALANZoom Host:Elif Deniz
18:00-18:15Md HASANUZZAMANOn Modified L-contraction via Binary Relation with an Application
18:15-18:30Gonca Durmaz GÜNGÖRMultivalued Fixed Point Results on Quasi metric Space
18:30-18:45Yunus ATALANPMP Iterative Algorithm with Errors for Accretive Lipschitzian Operator and its Application
18:45-19:00Kübra AKSOYOn the Formalization of Integration Theory in Higher-Oder Logic
19:00-19:15Samet MALDARIterative Approximation Technique for Functional Integral Equation
19:15-19:30Cemil KARAÇAMKorovkin Theorems in grand Lebesgue Spaces in the sense of Statistical Equi-Equal Convergence
20:30-21:30 TURKEY TIMEClosing CeremonyConference Review and Video Demonstration
13 MAY FRIDAY 15:00 - 16.30Chair:Doç. Dr.Kadri DOĞANZoom Host:Gülşen Ulucak
1Benali ABDELKADERFractional Partial Differential Equations Analysis and its Applications
2Osman HYSAThe Problem of the Irregular Element Combinatorics and Discrete Mathematics
3Salih YAZARMonotonic Homotopy and Its Application
4Matlab SALIMOVNonlocal Boundary Value Problem for nonlinear diffusion equation
5Dalah MOHAMEDA convergence result and applications to antiplane frictional contact problems
6Susanta Sarmah PATHAKAn Analytical Study on Cyclic Property of Tea Production of India
7Harrt CHAHRAZEDZeros Of Harmonic Polynomials With Complex Coefficients
8Abdullah ALAZEMİOn Main Eigenvalues of Chain Graphs
9Melike GÖKSUMathematical Modelling and Improvment Suggestions in Clustering and Classification Methods for Data Analysis
10Lecheheb MOSTEFADynamic Response of an Infinite Timoshenko Beam Periodically Supported Subjected To a Moving Load Spaces
11Hacene-Chaouche SOUMEYAAnalysis of the weak solution of an antiplane contact problems